Restoring Local Government Funding

Since the Great Depression, the state of Ohio guaranteed that a certain amount of the money that counties produced and sent to Columbus in sales and other taxes went back to fund basic services. This was called the Local Government Fund, and it meant that from the 1930s to just a few years ago, Ohio had some of the best roads, public safety departments, libraries, and schools in the country.

All of that changed in 2010. In an attempt to look like they had balanced the budget, politicians gutted the local government fund, and left counties and towns to make up the balance themselves. The result has been underfunded crucial services from roads to fire departments. Their political games resulted in higher taxes and worse government for everyone in Ohio.

Restoring the local government fund is the fiscally responsible decision. The taxes municipalities can impose to make up revenue are much less efficient and impose greater burdens on the average citizen. Restoring the LGF will result in a lower burden for the 43rd district, and better basic services.