Mental Healthcare Reform

8/10 Ohio kids who need mental healthcare can’t get it. When my family experienced a mental health crisis, we had the resources and time to make up for the substantial gaps in Ohio’s mental health network. But the gaps are just too large for many.

i. In many cases in our family, we simply did not know where to go when our daughter had a crisis. Ohio’s network of Children’s hospitals have a plan to create a series of crisis centers so that parents have a one-stop-shop for children in crisis. I plan to work with them to make sure that we can get this system running as soon as possible.

ii. The first line of defense for our kids is in the schools. Councilors and other mental health professionals often have the first opportunity to see the signs of crisis and intervene. But programs designed to put them in schools are often drastically underfunded (see point about the Local Government Fund) meaning that mental health professionals have up to 400 students under their charge – an impossible burden. We need more mental health professionals in every school so that they’re there for kids in crisis.

iii. Encourage implementation of crisis management best practices.