Meet Dan


Father. Ohioan. Leader.

•   Married for 25 years to Kathleen, a Pre-School Intervention Specialist for Springfield schools, father to two daughters, Margaret and Ellen.

• Lifelong resident of the Miami Valley: graduate of Chaminade-Julienne High School, Bowling Green State University, and Wright State University.

• Montgomery County Clerk of Courts 2000-2006, Montgomery County Commissioner 2007-2018.


A Record of Accomplishment.

•   Building Jobs: Diversified our economy - helping bring over $250 million in investment in logistics, manufacturing, and international development. 

•   Improving Community Safety: Developed JusticeWeb, a database used by over 4500 law enforcement professionals in Montgomery, Preble, and 10 other southwest Ohio counties.

•  Fighting the Opioid Crisis:  Co-Chair of the Community Overdose Action Team (COAT) - an umbrella for over 100 organizations that has significantly reduced opioid abuse in Montgomery County.